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Jim Sorensen

Coaching Training/Experience:

2016-2017 Thunder 13-1

2015-2016 Thunder 13-1
2013-2014 Thunder 13-1

2012-2013 Thunder 13-1
2011-2012 Thunder 17-1
2010-2011 Thunder 17-1
2009-2010 Thunder 16-1
2008-2009 Thunder 15-1
2007-2008 Thunder 14-1
2006-2007 Thunder 13-1
I have attended Midwest Volleyball Instructors clinics for multiple years and continue to gain knowledge on all aspects of Volleyball.  I also serve on the Thunder Board of Directors providing assistance in many different areas.

In addition to my volleyball coaching experience I have been coaching youth sports with BAC for over 23 years.  I started coaching boy's baseball and basketball for 8 years for both of my sons.  I also coached girls basketball for 5 years and was the grade level coordinator for 4 years for my daughter.
Coaching Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is focused around the team and sportsmanship.  Volleyball is truly a team sport and to be successful you need to have a group of girls that get along well, have fun and are dedicated to learning and improving.  The team concept of being there for one another through the good times and the bad, supporting, encouraging and pushing each other is critical if you are going to be successful on the volleyball court.  I believe that these concepts are also needed to be successful in life as well. Sportsmanship is the other focal point that is a must.  I've been involved in the Positive Coaching Alliance for over five years now and their motto of "Transforming Youth Sports so Sports can Transform Youth" sums up why I continue to be involved in coaching.