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Burnsville Thunder Tryout and Roster Policies

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Player Requirements:
1.   To be considered for a spot on any given team, prospective players must formally tryout with their age group at the that age groups scheduled tryout unless:
a.   That player is unable to make the scheduled tryout due to situations out of their control.
1.   Being sick
2.   Family Emergencies
3.   Special Circumstances
b.   Resolutions
i.    That player may tryout at one of the other scheduled age group tryouts.
ii.    That player may tryout at the teams first practice
iii.   That player may be considered for the roster by the tryout coach/s provided those coach/s have intimate knowledge of said player’s previous experience and performance and can fairly compare that players ability against the abilities of the tryout participants.
Though we are a community club, we hold open tryouts due to the fact that there are so many open clubs in the area that draw from our prospect pool. All participants are held in equal consideration during tryouts.
We are mandated by the charters of our organization to roster players that live in or attend school in the ISD191 school district except when:
a.   The skill level of the player from outside the community is far superior to that of the players in the community trying out.
b.   The team needs to be filled.
In case of a tie (skills) between two players, unless other factors warrant a different decision, the player from within the community is to be selected. Coaches do have complete discretion as to how they base their decision on whether to keep or cut any player. Some of those factors may not be immediately visible during the tryout process.
Returning Teams:
If a team from a previous season decides to return wholly or in part and participate in the tryout, individual players run the risk of not making the new team. That being said, it is the coaches complete discretion to base his decision on whether to keep or cut on factors not immediately visible during the tryout process.