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Coaching Training/Experience
Coaching: 2015-2016 Thunder 13-1

Playing: 2006-2012 Thunder Volleyball Club Teams

                   -Captain of the team for 5 years

             2004-2006 BAC In-House Volleyball Team


            In addition to my volleyball coaching & playing experience, I have spent many hours working with kids. I worked as a counselor at a summer bible camp for two summers, and then I was the summer program director at the same camp for one summer. In addition, I worked in the youth group at my church for one year with a small group of 7th & 8th grade girls. I have always loved working with kids and getting to help them learn brings me joy!


Coaching Philosophy:
            My coaching philosophy is focused on being a team and always giving it your all. Throughout my years of playing, especially as a captain, the one thing I noticed that was always constant was how the team dynamic affects the way you play and how well you do. It is so important to be able to come together as a team, winning or losing, to support each other and figure out how to work together. This togetherness comes from practicing together, pushing each other, encouraging each other, and having fun together. Because volleyball is a team sport, it is also extremely important to always be working your hardest because you have teammates that are counting on you. Therefore, it is essential that no matter if you’re having a good day or bad day that you are still giving it all. It is important to have the mentality that others are counting on you so that you come to practice, scrimmages, or tournaments all with the same tenacity and desire to do well for your team. I believe these concepts are also extremely important for life, and it is why I am so passionate about coaching these girls in how to do these things well on the court and off the court.