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Parents & Players, We understand that there are many different...
On-line Officiating Training
Parents & Players, Below are the links from NCR's Website...

Parents & Players,

We understand that there are many different volleyball clubs and opportunities to pick from.  We see a huge value in playing with our local community program, and we would like to get feedback from you to make sure what we value and spend time on is the same thing that you value.  

We want to know what things we should START doing, STOP doing and CONTINUE doing.  If we are spending time on something that no one values then we want to know.  Similarly if something is good and people like it we want to make sure we continue doing that!

We have a couple of different surveys that we hope you can spend time (5 minutes or less) to provide input.  Please provide candid, helpful feedback, with examples if possible.  We appreciate and value all of the feedback you provide for us & for you in the future!

One survey is for the coaches and how they met the goals laid out by Postivie Coaching Alliance.  This survey can be filled out by players, parents, and for each of the coaches if you had multiple ones.

CLICK HERE for Coaches Survey

The second survey is for Parents to provide input regarding the Club/Oraganization.  This survey may look long, but don't let that scare you away.  We have 22 questions that are tied to general topics and offerings that are simple drop down list where you can pick your answer.  We have 9 free form questions to allow you to provide more detailed input to various topics (we are not expecting input an all of these but would love to hear ). At the end we have three questions relating to next season. 

CLICK HERE for Club/Organization Survey

Thanks again for a great season, and for your feeback.  We hope that you have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you this fall during the High School season.




by posted 05/21/2018
On-line Officiating Training

Parents & Players,

Below are the links from NCR's Website that cover Score Keeping, Libero Tracking and Line Judging.

Click Here to view the Score Keeping Presentation

Click Here to view the Libero Tracking Training

Click Here to view the Line Judging Training


If you want to take the Referee Training you must sign up and take the courses through USAV Academy.  Unfortunately you will need to wait until we are assigned our club code for 2018.  

Click Here for instructions on how to sign up.


If you have questions about what training you need to take please talk to your coaches. If you have any issues accessing the information from the links listed above please email me ( ) or give me a call.

Jim Sorensen

by posted 12/27/2017
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