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PCA Article #4
As the season is getting underway and all of the teams start playing...
Hello everyone! Due to some unfortunate double booking of schools...
PCA Article #3
Happy New Year Thunder Family!   As we start this New...
On-line Officiating Training
Parents & Players, Below are the links from NCR's Website...
PCA Article #2
Hello again to everyone and Merry Christmas! Here is the second...
PCA Article #1
Hello Thunder Family!   As we talked about in the beginning...
PCA Article #4

As the season is getting underway and all of the teams start playing in tournaments more frequently, it can be very nerve-wracking for some players. This mental skills coach gives tips within the article & video (click here to access) about how to turn that nervousness before games into positive traits which enables players to compete at their highest level. He focuses on turning that nervousness into courage, compassion, & competitiveness. He says it’s important to have courage to accept feeling uncomfortable and afraid. Compassion for yourself is essential so you can trust yourself, everything you’ve learned, and belief that you can overcome any obstacle. Finally, you need competitiveness to help you get excited about getting to play a game you love and work hard at in every practice.


Conversation Starter:

Parents – What would your player appreciate you doing as a parent to encourage her before games?

Players – Share one way you can be courageous, compassionate, or competitive before your next tournament to help calm your nerves.


As coaches, we all believe in each player immensely and want to help them be the best player they can be! If there are great ideas that come from this article or your conversation with your player, please share with your coach! We would love to be able to help everyone compete at their highest level!


Thunder Volleyball Staff

by posted 01/16/2018

Hello everyone!

Due to some unfortunate double booking of schools and no communication, ALL PRACTICE TIMES AND LOCATIONS ARE CHANGED TONIGHT! 12s will be in the same location but all the times have changed. Here is the schedule now for tonight. All practices will take place at Sioux Trail Elementary school and the following are the times of practices/scrimmages:

12s practice: 6-6:30
13s practice: 6:30-7
13s & 14s scrimmage: 7-7:30
14s & 15s scrimmage 7:30-8:30
15s practice: 8:30-9

Thank you for your flexibility & patience with this. We tried to make the most out of the limited gym time and locations! Please let your coach know if you have any questions!

Thunder Volleyball Staff

by posted 01/12/2018
PCA Article #3

Happy New Year Thunder Family!


As we start this New Year it can be a time for many people to stop to reflect and make resolutions about how to make this next year the best it can be. This article (click here to access) is about the importance of effort and how to set goals in order to improve your game. Setting goals is the result of effort, and putting in effort results in being at the top of your game.


Within this article there is a link to an excerpt (click here to access) from a book called Elevating Your Game which gives two steps to increase the essential habit of working hard. The first step is to belief that effort and hard work can increase your talent. The PCA talks about “Triple-Impact Competitors” having a growth mindset and approach ability. According to the PCA this means these competitors focus on effort goals and “believe that effort and hard work can increase your talent level.” Everyone should download this extra article because it gives so many practical ways to improve effort and therefore improving your game!

Conversation Starter:

     Parents – How can you encourage your player to work hard in all aspects of life?

     Player – What do you have to change in order to have a growth mindset and give all your effort?


Hopefully this article helps players develop goals to increase their effort and natural talents both on and off the court!

If there is anything as a player or as a parent you would like to see an article about in the future, please let us know! You can email and we would love to find articles about topics that interest you specifically too!


Thunder Volleyball Staff

by posted 01/01/2018
On-line Officiating Training

Parents & Players,

Below are the links from NCR's Website that cover Score Keeping, Libero Tracking and Line Judging.

Click Here to view the Score Keeping Presentation

Click Here to view the Libero Tracking Training

Click Here to view the Line Judging Training


If you want to take the Referee Training you must sign up and take the courses through USAV Academy.  Unfortunately you will need to wait until we are assigned our club code for 2018.  

Click Here for instructions on how to sign up.


If you have questions about what training you need to take please talk to your coaches. If you have any issues accessing the information from the links listed above please email me ( ) or give me a call.

Jim Sorensen

by posted 12/27/2017
PCA Article #2

Hello again to everyone and Merry Christmas!

Here is the second edition of the Positive Coaching Alliance email. This week as many people are celebrating Christmas and getting together with loved ones, it seemed appropriate to share an article about gratitude. This time of the year is a great time to reflect on this past year and all there is to be grateful for.

This article (click here to access) is written by Steve Foster, a pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies baseball team. He challenges the readers to practice the art of being grateful which allows people to be more joyful and live in the moment. Foster provides five habits that have been researched to increase gratefulness and challenges readers to try any or all of the tips for 21 days to create or improve their gratefulness in everyday life.

Conversation Starter:

                Parents – Share at least one way you are grateful for your player

                Player – Share at least one way you are grateful for volleyball

As a Thunder staff, we reflect often on ways we are grateful for all the parents & players on our teams. We love spending time with each player and parent, and we look forward to the time we will get to continue to spend with each of you!

Merry Christmas from all of the Thunder Volleyball Staff to you!

by posted 12/25/2017
PCA Article #1
Hello Thunder Family!
As we talked about in the beginning of the season we are going to regularly try to send out articles or interesting things published by the Positive Coaching Alliance. Hopefully we can get better at sending them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis! In addition to the article we will include a conversation starter for the parents and players to connect and talk about what we send out. So without further adieu...
For the first email we thought it would be a good idea to share more about the Positive Coaching Alliance background. This PDF (click here to access it) shares what the "PCA Way" is all about. As a program we strive to achieve each of those 8 points at every practice, game, or get together.
Conversation Starter: What are you doing at practice to give your best effort, have fun, & help a teammate? What can I do (as the parent) to "fill your emotional tank"?
We hope these will be helpful to start meaningful conversations and build connections between parents & players. Also we hope this helps parents, players, & coaches be on the same page and build a stronger team and larger Thunder community.
As always let any of the Thunder staff know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!
Thunder Volleyball Staff

by posted 12/18/2017
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